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Wednesday, 06 Sep 2017


What is CSR

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“Corporate (Social) Responsibility (CR) is a mechanism for organizations to voluntarily integrate social and environmental concerns into their operations and their interaction with their stakeholders, which are over and above the organization’s legal responsibilities.” (UK BSI)

…and without easily measurable benefits for the company (EB)

CR assumes that we will continue to do the things previously done, but with less impact.

“Sustainable Development is development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. UN Commission on Environment & Development, 1987 asdasdads

Sustainable Development takes into account the economic, environmental and social impacts and performance of an organization and its products.

Sustainable Development is a part of a Company’s Corporate Responsibility

The Ethics of Business

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RECALL that Joel Bakan, the angry law-school professor and scourge of mod-ern corporations, argued that CSR is usu¬ally a scam. It is for governments, he says, not firms, to decide questions of social, environmental and industrial policy—and governments should know that if they fail in that duty, the psychotic corporation, quite likely hiding behind CSR, will con¬tinue to rape and pillage.


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